Jackie Wilson was a singer’s singer, a performer’s performer, and a fan’s dream. Jackie sang virtually every form of popular music—rock, pop, ballads, gospel, blues, show tunes, standards—and he sang everything beautifully, soulfully, and memorably. Few other performers dared follow Jackie onstage because his dazzling, dancing presence and vocal virtuosity moved audiences to frenzy. And Jackie loved his fans, often gifting them pieces of his clothing and sometimes singing to them impromptu. In fact, legend has it that Jackie was just as likely to give a female fan a kiss as his autograph.

If you are a new fan of Jackie Wilson, perhaps a young person who is just learning about this remarkable talent, you are as warmly welcome as those who have loved him for more than half a century. Please feel free to leave comments and questions on the posts. I welcome help answering some of my own questions.

Rebecca (aka JackieWilsonLover)