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Jackie was “The Man”

Apparently fans already have Jackie’s tie and cufflinks

Dick Jacobs said that one of Jackie Wilson’s singles contained a splice from a different take because Nat Tarnopol accidentally erased part of the master. From the first time I heard “Am I the Man,” I have always thought there was some very minor glitch just as Jackie launches into the bridge the second time. You can hear it on this YouTube posting between the 1:30-1:33 points.

Anyone agree or have a different opinion about which recording Tarnopol screwed up in this particular fashion? Yeah, I know, Tarnopol   screwed up Jackie’s whole career, but here I am just concentrating on the recording he marred while playing with the studio equipment.

Next question: Who is the guitarist in the photo? Any chance it is Billy (Roquel) Davis, aka Tyran Carlo, songwriter and record producer? I’ve only seen a few photos of Billy Davis, and they dated from at least twenty years after he would have worked with Jackie.