Berry Gordy on “Reet Petite”

To be loved book coverAn item from turned up in a “Google Alert” today. It says pretty much what Berry Gordy’s autobiography, To Be Loved, has to say on the song, so perhaps it is taken from that book. does not mention the first Motown superstar, Mary Wells, when describing the successes of that enterprise. That’s a pity. She is another great artist slipping from the public consciousness. Gordy’s book, by the way, is now available in electronic format. Find the Kindle version here.

And you can find the Berry Gordy quote on “Reet Petite” here, on





2 thoughts on “Berry Gordy on “Reet Petite”

  1. jat24

    Often wondered why Jackie was never signed to Motown given the connections he had with Berry Gordy. Very sad really, imagine how well he’d be remembered if he had been.

  2. Princella Baker Sr.

    It is a shame that Mr. Gordy never gave Jackie Wilson any credit or even mentioned his name,there would have not been a Motown if not for the money that was made by Mr Excitment himself during the very early days, However it’s sad Jackie Wilson never got the Fame he truly deserved, and as long as thre are fans like yourself future generations will enjoy his beautiful voice, one exelent album to listen too that really shows the range of his voice is “Jackie Sings The Worlds Greatest Melodies” most of the songs are sung from Bethoven,s sonatas as well as several others, I love listening to the first piano concerto and as the strings chime in its Jackies Alone AT last, His Style Of Singing Was decades before his time (however in my teens he and his songs and ballads were right on time) THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS LOVELY SITE.


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