New YouTube postings 2

Some recent postings of Jackie Wilson videos are well worth checking out. There are new cuts from “The Jerry Lewis Show” that have clearer pictures and better sound than the some of the old ones posted before.

Please listen to Jerry Lee’s introduction to Jackie on the “Higher and Higher” video. It is so true a statement of what should have been, had not so much evil been perpetrated against Jackie Wilson. Unfortunately, the video and audio tracks are not synchronized as the performance continues.

Here “Lonely Teardrops” is followed by “If I Had a Hammer.” In the last video Jackie sings an old gospel favorite of Jerry Lee’s, “I’ll Fly Away.”

One thought on “New YouTube postings 2

  1. jackiesam

    Well that was just amazing to me. I have know doubt, that Jackie’s voice, vocal skill and ability just got better and better as he grew older now. He had even more tricks in his bag than when he was a younger man. I have never even seen that video of “lonely Tear drops. I am just blown away with his seemingly effortless singing. So much soul. I mean his vocals in some parts are like the soft beating wings of a butterfly. No one can sing as well as Jackie Wilson, he is the undisputed champion of vocals. He truly stands alone at the very top of the pile, not 2nd or third. I love what Jerry Lewis said about Jackie before “Higher and Higher”. Jackie deserves far more acclaim than what he has, and to tell the truth it breaks my heart that he does not. Everybody seemed to know back in the day that Jackie was number one. Maybe not the most famous, but simply the best most talented ever seen or heard. There has never been a better singer since, so I just don’t understand why people don’t know of him these days. He is in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame for good reason. I think if it were put to a vote with judges who truly knew Vocal ability and skill level, Jackie would have to walk away with the trophy. I could go on for hours :) Thanks for these great embedded videos, I am amazed :)


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