Jackie was “The Man”

Apparently fans already have Jackie’s tie and cufflinks

Dick Jacobs said that one of Jackie Wilson’s singles contained a splice from a different take because Nat Tarnopol accidentally erased part of the master. From the first time I heard “Am I the Man,” I have always thought there was some very minor glitch just as Jackie launches into the bridge the second time. You can hear it on this YouTube posting between the 1:30-1:33 points.

Anyone agree or have a different opinion about which recording Tarnopol screwed up in this particular fashion? Yeah, I know, Tarnopol   screwed up Jackie’s whole career, but here I am just concentrating on the recording he marred while playing with the studio equipment.

Next question: Who is the guitarist in the photo? Any chance it is Billy (Roquel) Davis, aka Tyran Carlo, songwriter and record producer? I’ve only seen a few photos of Billy Davis, and they dated from at least twenty years after he would have worked with Jackie.

2 thoughts on “Jackie was “The Man”

  1. extinct327

    I have heard that small glitch in “Am I The Man” but I just assumed it was put in the song intentionally. I didn’t know that Nat was responsible for it. I also think there is a skip in “I Still Love You” but I don’t know if it’s just me or if there is also a story behind that.

    1. jackiewilsonlover Post author

      “I Still Love You” wasn’t a single and wasn’t produced by Dick Jacobs, so I don’t think it’s the solution to the puzzle. Dick Jacobs was also quoted as saying that Jackie did very few takes on the songs they recorded together, usually no more than two or three, so I suppose it was a lucky thing that there was a usable alternate take to splice into the master.


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