On Jackie’s scent

What aftershave/scent did Jackie Wilson wear? I have faith that at some point, somebody reading this will know the answer to this question, which has been on my mind since I saw him on The Ed Sullivan Show the first time in 1960.

Jackie WilsonAt that time I was about thirteen years old, and my mother had just started permitting me to take the bus downtown alone to go to the public library or do some shopping. Timidly at first, I started going to the department store counters that displayed the small selection of men’s fragrances that were being manufactured in those days, trying to guess. Which one would Jackie Wilson wear? I always told the clerks (as though they cared) that I was shopping for a new scent to surprise my father for his birthday or Father’s Day because I could no longer bear the smell of Old Spice.

The number of men’s fragrances on offer did increase rapidly in the early Sixties, and before I gave up this practice, I think all the following were available, if it helps jog anyone’s memory: English Leather, Vetiver, Canoe, Moustache, Hai Karate, Brut, Aqua Velva, Jovan Musk, Bay Rum, British Sterling, Equipage, Jade East, Eau Sauvage, Pour Monsieur, and Aramis.

What scent did Jackie Wilson wear?

Please don’t tell me he wore Old Spice like my father.

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