Northern Soul (Part Three)

YouTube poster Edge78a, our friend Mark from Burton on Trent, provided this list of twenty tracks as a study guide to help me understand the beat of Northern Soul. Mark used this recordings as a playlist when he was deejay for a dance.

Thank you once again, Mark. You are marvelous!

I have alphabetized the tracks by artist and linked them to YouTube videos.

  1. Artistics, “This Heart of Mine
  2. Chandler, Gene, “Mr. Big Shot
  3. Chavez, Freddie, “They’ll Never Know Why
  4. Cooper, Christine, “Heartaches Away My Boy
  5. De-lites, “Lover
  6. Elbert, Donnie, “Along Came Pride
  7. Hutch, Willie, “Love Runs Out
  8. Hutton, Bobby, “Come See
  9. Jackson, Marke, “I’ll Never Forget You
  10. Lance, Major, “Investigate
  11. Lee, Jackie, “Darkest Days
  12. Little Esther, “If It’s News to You
  13. Nabay, “Believe It Or Not
  14. Salvadors, “Stick By Me, Baby
  15. Sparkels, “Try Love (One More Time)
  16. Tee, Willie, “Walking Up A One Way Street
  17. Tomangoes, “I Really Love You
  18. Wilson, Al, “Now I know What Love Is
  19. Wilson, Jackie, “Because of You
  20. Wilson, Jackie, “I’m the One To Do It

5 thoughts on “Northern Soul (Part Three)

  1. edge78a

    Hi , Edge here again, i often find Americans find the Northern Soul scene quite baffling which i’m sure it is. I always find the Motown and subsidiary labels we play causes even more consternation, with some of the tracks perhaps virtually unknown in the States !
    Here’s a list of 20 which could have been 200 no mither !
    The Originals – Suspicion
    Barbara Randolph – I got a feeling
    Frances Nero – Keep on loving me
    The Spinners – I’ll always love you
    Four Tops – Ask the lonely
    Marvin Gaye – Can i get a witness
    Marv Johnson – So glad you chose me
    Supremes – Itching in my heart
    Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers – Oh, i’ve been blessed
    Martha and the Vandellas – No one there
    Velvelettes – These things will keep me loving you
    Contours – Just a little misunderstanding
    Jr Walker – Shake and finger pop
    Temptations – Girls, why you wanna make me blue
    Choker Campbell – Come see about me
    Hit Pack – Never say no to your baby
    Gladys Knight – If you ever get your hands on love
    Jimmy Ruffin – Baby you’ve got it
    Edwin Starr – I want my baby back
    Stevie Wonder – Contract on love

    Enjoy or just have a listen

    1. jackiewilsonlover Post author

      Edge, I love this, and I am sure some of the others reading the blog will also. Lots of those artists are familiar to me, but only two of the songs (“Itching in My Heart” and “Can I Get a Witness,” which is a long-time favorite of mine). Curiously, I was just thinking about Bobby and the Vancouvers a few weeks ago when I started writing the “Brown-Eyed Handsome Men” posts. Their biggest hit was “Does Your Mama Know About Me,” one of the classics on the interracial love hit parade. Did you know that Tommy Chong of the famous Sixties comedy act, Cheech and Chong, was one of the original Vancouvers?

      Thank you so much for responding here. I love writing about Jackie Wilson and all things related to him, particularly American music and culture at the time of his career, but like all bloggers, I long to interact with those who read the posts. I want the blog to be all it can be, and that means not just what I contribute, but what others can give in the way of information and their own takes on the topics.


      1. edge78a

        Hi Rebecca, let me know what you think if you get chance to listen to any of those tunes, they all easy to find on YT but usually KTF is around in the comments section !
        I definately did not know that about Tommy Chong, he sure went up in smoke when he left the band !
        Take care and speaksoon

        1. jackiewilsonlover Post author

          Hello, Edge,

          I am eager to listen to the unfamiliar items on the list, but it will take me a few more days to get to them. I’m struggling to keep my head above water as I go into the second week of a major respiratory/bronchitis issue. (It was misdiagnosed a week ago, so I am only now getting the benefit of antibiotics.) I have been trying to keep from missing classes, so I go to campus but come back home to bed as soon as I am done. My students have been thoughtful, but I think we are all tired of my coughing! Needless to say, I am also eager to write some posts for this blog, as well. I may make your list into a set of links, if that is okay.


          1. edge78a

            Sorry to here you’re not well Rebecca,wishing you a speedy recovery. Not good myself,confined to the house due to low immune system.
            Please feel free to turn the list into a set of links or anything else,it is yours to do with it what you wish.
            All the very best to you


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