Bruised . . . and beaten?

If you study Jackie’s face carefully as he sings “The Way I Am,” the video reveals something unpleasant, possibly disturbing, in the midst of all the fun.

Throughout the video, Jackie is winking, rolling his eyes, and smiling. If you focus on it, however, you can see that his left eye (to the right side of the screen as we view it) is badly bruised. I am still trying to find out what happened.

Jackie Wilson black eye

Jackie’s bruised eye

Does anyone reading this know what happened? Does anyone know when this video was filmed? The movie came out in 1961, but it may have been completed earlier. There is a story that in late 1960 Jackie was badly beaten before a concert in Texas. Is this the result of that beating? Did any of you reading this see that Texas concert?

The story is reported in that famous biography of Jackie Wilson, but the source for the story appears to be Johnny Collins, who may not be reliable. He claims racists beat Jackie brutally because they were upset to hear white women talking about wanting to rush the stage to touch Jackie.

The story continues that the assailants forced Jackie to take the stage wearing the bloody clothing he had on during the beating, that he completed the concert, sarcastically thanking the guys who “kissed” him, and was taken to the emergency room after the show.

Is all or part of this fiction?

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