4 thoughts on “The way he was: Fine!

  1. 1968lee

    Hello jackiewilsonlover. Are you posting any more Jackie Wilson photos in future of truly the greatest singer of all time. If so, I have accumulated quite a few and would like to send them to you…

    1. jackiewilsonlover Post author

      Hello and thanks for the offer. Of course I am always interested in photos of Our Hero. The ones in this post are screen shots from a film clip from a film in the public domain. I make a sincere effort to respect copyrights, and there is not all that much available that doesn’t turn out to belong to Getty images. (I love those photos of Jackie onstage with singing to the little girl on his knee, but my budget doesn’t stretch to paying Getty for their use.)

      How should I get in touch with you? It sounds as though you are a longtime fan. If so, we should talk. I you have a YouTube account, send me a message through the personal message system. If you are not on YouTube, let me know here and I will make other arrangements.


  2. jackiesam

    Jackie Wilson is amazing in this clip, and every other clip for that matter. I will always think fondly of this song and clip, as it is the first time I layed eyes on Jackie. I was just taken away by his skill charisma and charm. What a song and what a guy! Take him the way he is: the best of all time:)

    1. jackiewilsonlover Post author

      Hello, Australia! No question about it, he is the best of all time. I have to ask you this: are you reading on a computer or a smart phone? I thought I would try a different picture header, and when I changed it, I decided to go with a dark background to set it off. Now I am worried that it will be too hard to read on handheld devices.


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